Load different presets for plugins in an easy way?

A quick question (I know it’s probably in the manual but I’m in an airport on my phone! :laughing: ): Would I be able to load in different presets of, say, Ozone 7, as different defaults instead of doing it after opening the plugin?

Like this: I could have multiple “versions/defaults” of Ozone 7 that I could load directly into a plug-in slot in Cubase, each version with different Ozone modules already set up and ready to go, instead of first loading Ozone and then loading a different preset or modules.

It would make things faster for me with deep plugins like that. I’m not talking about the single Default plugin state, which is limited to one setup – I’m talking about being able to have different Defaults, basically, labeled as needed.

Can’t you save each different default as a track preset?

Or try track export/import?

Or try load/save selected? ( keep in mind you have to load the same number of tracks you saved and it can’t be used for instrument tracks)

Forgive me if none of those work. I too am away from my project studio.

What I mean is that I think in some other DAWs you can have a preset list IN the DAW for plugins, and can use those when first loading up the plugin, instead of doing it inside the plugin. It’s not a big deal, but all the little timesavers help in jobs with tight deadlines. :slight_smile:

If you save the plugins presets in Cubase, you could just drag and drop them from Media Bay to the inserts.

That’s it! Thank you.