Load different VST Presets (from a Midi-Track)

Hi all,
I got a (probably easy to answer) question:

I have Cubase 6 running, with a Vst Synth (in this case Razor Synth running in the Reaktor 5 VST).
I would like to load different presets from the preset menu in the Reaktor5 VST automatically as the song progresses.
So let’s say at the beginning I’d like preset A and at minute 2 I’d like to load preset B -
is there a way to do this? (I can’t seem to find an appropriate CC channel for this)

Thank you and all the best

too easy or not possible?

too hard to describe with words, for me as I am german.

You have to set up the Reaktor Ensemble to bind the right presets to respond to a MIDI program change message. And you have to have cubase send a MIDI program change message at the right time.

Search for Preset/Program Change in the Reaktor Manual and in the Cubase Manual :wink:

Aha, years ago Cubase used to allow you to add a program change (midi or a preset name) to a midi part, and it would change during the song. Sadly this feature is not there anymore, and you have to delve down into Midi program numbers in midi parts (or use ‘freeze in loop’ or something like that), as said in the previous post.

I used to use this a lot, and I think it should be re-implemented. Shame.