In the title above are the names of the page selection buttons on GA4 latest version. I find that in the stand alone version and within Nuendo the selecting of pages does not work as expected. The selected page will not appear unless the page area below [which will appear to be the wrong one] is selected. This means that if you don’t ‘click on the page itself’ you get random pages as sometimes it changes and sometimes not - or shows the previously clicked on page. Not sure if this is graphics, programme or user problem. I don’t remember this happening before the recent Nuendo update.
Anyone else having this problem?

PS I am using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Driver 378.66

same problem.
do you have install hallion 6 ore halion sonic 3?


No, I’ve avoided the upgrade as it looks like it will mess with my many ongoing projects.

did you figure out a fix for this? I have a similar issue but which seems intermittent, sometimes it does it and then fixes itself then comes back?

… Just updated video drivers but nothing has changed. For me it seems to be not working most of the time - I have a fix in that all I have to do is click in the newly selected window to actually see what I am supposed to see but it is a bit of a poor show.
This thread is getting a few views but not many people seem to be having the same problem so maybe we are just unlucky???


I have this problem to, with GA4 as well as GA4 SE. It started after installation of 8.5.30 from 8.5.20. No problem before.



After two weeks this problem disappeard, now everything works as it should. Why, what did I do? Nothing.

Same good luck to you!