"Load FX chain preset" not working

“Load FX chain preset” is not working in mixer neither in channel settings/inserts.

I noticed some issues also with loading track presets.


Thanks for your answer.

In links you provided there is no solutions,
so Cubase 10 still have this bug unsolved.

I have huge media bay library, so maybe this is problem… but why?

New Cubase 10 has more bugs than features. I am going to work on stable 9.5 version until Steinberg will repair this beta.


It suppose to be fixed in Cubase 9.5.41 (where is the bug too, anyway) and in Cubase 10.0.5. But unfortunately it seems, it’s not fixed.

The reason is, in some cases (unfortunately I don’t know the exact condition for the cases) the preset is stored with a wrong name. If you open the related XML file, you can see, there are nonsense characters. These presets cannot be loaded then. I explained in more details in one of my posts to this topic. For some users it helps to change the XML file, and change the corrupted name value, then they can load the preset.