'Load FX Chain Preset' window pop-up always off screen - Cubase does not remember/recall positioning of this window

For some reason, my Load FX Chain Preset window is stuck popping up off screen.

I can’t remember if it was always this way, but I certainly can’t seem to re-position it and have it recalled in the last place I put it. Any ideas?

yellow line is load fx chain preset window, red line is where it’s cut off


I guess it’s a problem combination of two things:

1.) There appears to be no window position memory for this particular window.

2.) My personal sizing preference of the window is too large because of the above.

I just never noticed before because my Load FX Chain Preset window was always smaller. So Cubase remembers the size, however it does not remember the positioning.

I’ve got 4 monitors and this window (like others) open in the monitor I choose and stay here with no problem…

All plugin ‘Load Preset’ windows open up off center, and also do not have re-position memory, so if you size the window too big - it will always open up with part of it off screen

yes this one is “bizzare”

All it is, is the pop-up ‘Save’ and ‘Load’ windows for FX Chain/Track presets, are screen centered by the top left corner of the window, rather than the center of the window relative to its user defined size.