Load last opened project on startup...

I haven’t used this feature for a while, and suddenly found there’s no such an option in preferences-general. And we still have it in the documentation. Did I miss something? (I’m on Cubase 7.5.30)

Not in studio right now, but isn’t this an option in the “Steinberg Hub?”

Guess I didn’t notice the change…

I don’t see the preference option in my CB7.0.7 either

It is in the preference option in my CB4.1.3 under Preferences>General>On Startup>Choose the option from a drop down list.

Also, I couldn’t find instructions for opening the last project in the latest CB7.5.30 documentation. Page 59 lists information about opening the default template, but that info looks outdated/wrong. :question:

Maybe they trashed the option when they incorporated the Steinberg Hub?

Regards :sunglasses:

yes they did in fact delete that option with the introduction of the hub (bad choice imo) i spent days looking around for the good old “open default workspace” on startup. so now instead of quickly opening cubase to catpure a fleeting inspiration i have to do several mouse clicks just to get a default workspace open. i guess thats what they call progress.
the workaround i found was to make a shortcut on my desktop to my default.cpr file and turn off the hub. i think companies are so keen to attract new business they forget the surgeons motto… “if it isnt broken, dont fix it” new features are always a welcome addition (key word “addition” NOT “replacement”

/rant over


I thought the surgeon’s motto was, “Don’t forget to count the sponges!” :slight_smile:

I have been using that feature for years. What can I say? The response to little workflow features being lost like this seems terribly low on the forums.


I agree with DLeary.

…features are always a welcome addition (key word “addition” NOT "replacement)…

As for “Don’t forget to count the sponges!”… - I’ll add - “and the junior mints!” :laughing: