load last project on launch?

I wonder where this function went, it used to be set by an option in preferences but I can’t find it anymore… anyone?

It should be in Preferences > General > On Startup.

But it seems, this preference disappeared with Cubase 7.

I had my share of problems with that in the past, a faulty plugin and Cubase would crash every time I would start it. It could be that this is one of the reasons it was removed.

Ok, just checking if I didnt overlook it. Thanks for the replies guys!

Interesting, I tried to reproduce it. I tried to set this Preferences in Cubase 6, and then trash Preferences of Chbase 8 and keep Cubase 8 to overtake the preferences of Cubase 6.

But the last project has not been loaded after the start. Steinberg Hub always appears. Even if I disabled Steinberg Hub, it doesn’t work to me.

Even if I can see the relevant item in the defaults.xml file.

I’m just not able to reproduce it.

that feature was removed after cubase 6
the only way i found to startup with a specific project eg. default is to disable the hub and save the cpr as a desktop shortcut.