Load master section preset problem

I’ve been using the Save/Load master section preset option when mastering and i’ve just opened a project that i worked on last week and I cannot load any of the master section presets stored with the files! I did this last week as I replaced a few mixes as I was mastering, so the function worked then. Can anyone shed any light on this issue, tearing my hair out.

If you go to ‘Organize Presets’ (from the preset load menu) can you see them?

No, only my default templates

Do you know if you saved the presets to the same folder as your default templates? Is that where they appeared before?

You could try “open from any location” to try and find the presets.
If you saved a Master Project, they might be alongside the Master Project.
Or they might have been saved alongside your audio files?

It’s been awhile since I used the master section with a montage because I don’t like having to save/load each time but if I remember correctly, when you save the plugin chain it just saves within the montage file and is not visible.

I know this doesn’t help your problem but just wanted to point out that I don’t think you can see it.

It’s because I’m new to the program that I have been mastering through the master section and the going to edit>store master section preset with audio file. I’m not going to do this anymore - I now see the montage approach is the correct one. It’s just so annoying I can’t retrieve those settings. Could it be that they were only temp files, that when the program closes the settings are no longer load able?

Yes, there are a few times when I use the global master section in the edit mode but 99% of the time I’m in the montage side and I use the montage master for everything so it’s saved within the montage, and of course some clip/track effects too but the main thing is that all plugins are stored within the montage without additional steps.

Usually if I’m on the edit side of Wavelab it’s to apply things like RX4 which a) do not play well in real-time, and b) usually only need to be applied to small sections of a song file so because of those things, it makes more sense to perform those types of processes on the edit side and write them into the audio file. Even then I never save the chain with the audio file because it’s likely that I’ll never need it again or it’s very easy to recall manually that it’s easier to do that.

Maybe I just like to work too fast but saving the master section separately with the audio file or montage just doesn’t work with my brain. I guess I did it up until the montage master section was introduced but I did not care for it. Montage master section is much better for me.

Thanks all at least I have worked out the better work flow now.

If you went through the edit>store process you should be able to retrieve them. They should have been stored in the .vs companion file for each audio file, which is by default in user/library/caches on Mac I believe.

After you open the audio file, is the Load selection available in the edit menu ? :
Load MS Preset - Copy.png
If it is, you should be able to load the master section preset.

Then if you want to switch to working in montage and transfer the plugins with settings to the montage clips, you can load your audio files into a new montage, select the effects tab, select each clip, and import the current master section plugins to each clip:
Import MS Plugins to Montage Clip - Copy.png