Load Micrologue Arp

Could some kind soul humor me and explain how to activate/load this arp. I’ve given it my best shot and can’t find it anywhere. Thanks.

It’s an In App Purchase.
You have to buy it.
Then you will have a button “Arp” button in the Micrologue GUI to use it.

Thanks. I had bought it but couldn’t find it. I was hoping it was a separate devise I could use to trigger any midi (e.g. a shaker) but alas it really is only for Micrologue. Yes, my bad, I should have seen that coming.

Hi ailerom,

Please have a look at our available Micrologue ARP tutorial, to have your question answered and learn more about the arpeggiator:

In addition, please find all parameters described in the Cubasis in-app help.