Load my VSTi as a Track Instrument

Should I be able to load any virtual instruments I have installed as Track Instruments, rather than Rack Instruments?

I want to load Kontakt as a Track Instrument, but it is not showing up the Add Track Instrument dialog box. In fact I sorted by Vendor, and only Steinberg shows up ---- see screen snapshot ----

Any help would be appreciated. If my understand of Track Instruments vs. Rack Instruments is wrong, in other words if any/every VST instrument I have can NOT be loaded as Track Instruments, then PLEASE – point me to a tutorial that explains this better.



Click the Browse button to close the preset browser.

Select an instrument from the list.
Screenshot (6).png
Kontakt or any other 3rd party instruments will not show up in preset browser until you actually save a preset using that instrument.

Thanks so much!!!