load of a track_insert preset > cubase crash


I want to load a insert preset into a track (which is not empty) and always cubase (5.5.3) crash and close itself…
:question: :exclamation:

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it’s not the only bug I have.

Often when I want to delete a track (audio) cubase crash … !

Have you too this issue ?

Have you trashed your preferences? :mrgreen:

No , must I do ? :mrgreen:

Afraid so.

Here’s how:


If you have alot of preferences, you can find them in explorer and back them up. Then if the problem isn’t fixed you can restore them.

Thank you it seems like it’s ok without my prefs. But I have a lot of projects/presets that I have made for long time and Could I try to move them one per one in my prefs to see those which have problem ?

Yeah, you could do that, but I know it’s such a pain. Myself and a few others have been protesting against Cubase’s easily corrupted preferences. I’ll be interested to see what the culprit is.

Hope you find it,