load own saved VST settings?


I have a few quite old projects that used Powercore’s V-Station, I saved all the settings as vstpresets. I have sold the Powercore, but have bought Novation V-Station Native, which works perfectly. However, I’m unable to access the presets I saved with these old projects. When I click on load preset I want to navigate to the song project folder and load my saved preset, but I cannot find a way to do this! Sorry if this is obvious but I stopped using Cubase in favour of Logic ages ago, and never got into the media bay set up. It should be simple to navigate to a folder, no? At the moment I’m just presented with the frame containing “category” etc, click on “show location” and I get a folder with vst presets - but of course mine aren’t in there, and I cannot find this “folder” on my Macbook.

Any help gratefully received.

Not sure I can help, but, I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t be able to open vstpresets created for the PowerCore in the Novation anyways. I don’t suppose you had also saved your presets in “Native” format?
As for the vstpresets, maybe you could try the following…
outside of Cubase, locate the vstpresets folder for the PowerCore, and also the vstpresets folder created for the Novation (if there isn’t one yet, just save any old thing as a vstpreset, so that Cubase will create the folder).
Copy the contents into the new folder (but, I don’t hold out too much hope, I’m afraid).

User presets go in this directory. You can create it if it isn’t there. Make sure this folder is set to scan in Mediabay.

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\VST3 Presets\Voxengo\Stereo Touch

I used Voxengo’s Stereo Touch as an example.