Load & play GigaSampler gig files?

There is a very old post at Sweetwater circa 2007 suggesting it is possible to use GigaSampler gig files in HALion by loading them into something called the ‘edit phase’ or impport and saving them in a format that HALion is able to use:


Is this true with HALion 7? If so can someone point me, a complete newb with H7, toward some instructions or examples of how I might accomplish this?

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Those instructions are for Halion 3. For more recent versions of Halion such as Halion 7, please follow these links:

The following formats can be imported:

  • Emagic EXS24

  • NI Kontakt 1.x to 4.1 (except for encrypted files, scripted content, and containers)

  • Akai* S1000, S2000, S3000, S5000/6000

  • EMU* 3, 3X, ESI, 4, 4K, E64, E6400, ESynth, Ultra

  • Roland S770*

  • Kurzweil (KRZ, K25, K26)

  • SoundFont 2.x

  • Giga 1, 2, limited Giga 3 support (except for encrypted content, time stretching, and pitch shifting)

*ISO images on HDD only.

In short, you want to use the Browser tab to locate and load third-party sampler files.

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Thank you VERY much. This has allowed me to at least convert a few GIG files which appear to play correctly in H7. For the ones that don’t convert correctly, if I don’t find an answer on my own I’ll create a new thread once I’m more confident that I’m not wasting people’s time.

Very appreciative.