Load project on startup

Is it possible to bypass the hub and load a default project on startup? Ideally I would like to set Windows to load Cubase automatically when I switch the computer on and have Cubase load the workspace so I can just start playing and recording immediately . Is this possible?

Cubase? Or Dorico? (You’re in the Dorico forum!)

You can add documents to the Windows ‘Startup’ folder, which is probably your best bet.

(On Mac, you can add documents to Login Items.)

Cubase! Sorry, my browser must have gotten confused. Lol. Maybe a mod could move it? Cheers.

Try editing the tags. However, the answer should hold either way.

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Just double click the .cpr file for the relevant project? Cubase will open straight to that project then.
Not quite what you’re asking for I know, I expect there is a way to script this, but would probably need to be changed each project.

You can just add a shortcut to your Cubase project in the Startup folder:

C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

Just replace “[USER]” with your Windows account name.

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Added my init project to the startup folder. Removed the password from Windows. Boots right in. One snag was that Cubase threw up an alert about the working directory has moved . After selecting to keep the old location and resaving the file it boots up and the working directory is where it should be (not in the startup folder)