load same vst plugin chain on all clips in montage at once?

Hey, how do i load the same chain of plugins on all of the individual clips in my montage in one go? Any advice appreciated

(i will be tweaking the plugins on each clip individually after loading, so using the plugin chain on “track” or “output” is not what i’m looking for)


If I understand you correctly it should work if you

  • select a clip in the AM
  • load the relevant plugins on the selected Clip
  • select and copy the plugins in the Inspector using the Copy botton or Menu option
  • then select remaining Clips and paste the plugins using the “Paste to all selected clips” in the Inpector Menu

If you want to you can also load the plugins in the Master Section first, and then import them into Inspector using the Import Master Section Plugins button in the Inspector and then copy and paste as above.


Yes. WaveLab 10 added the option to paste a copied Clip FX chain to all selected clips which is nice.

So, after your first Clip FX is dialed in, you can select it, and then you can use the shortcut to “Invert Selection” so that all other clips are now selected. From here, you can use “Paste To Selected Clips” and now all the selected clips have the same plugin chain.