Load / Save Channels not working after update

After updating to the latest Cubase 9 version, I am no longer able to load channels I have saved. I can see the names in finder, they are grayed out and I am not able to select any of them.
I can save channels, but again am not able to load them.
Any ideas?


Hi and welcome,

Do you mean Save/Load Selected Channels from the MixConsole’s Function menu?

Make sure no Instrument Track is selected.

What OS do you use?

Sierra 10.12 I believe
Yes, mix console save/ load channel
I used this extensively in a previous project before upgrading to latest Cubase;
Now I can see the saved channel list, but can’t select them
I also can save a new channel, can see it listed, but unable to select it from the list
Also, wavelab pro9.5 no longer shows up as an option in the post process drop down for file export; removing my ability to round trip between cubase and wavelab

I have uninstalled and reinstalled both apps to no avail

Running a Mac pro 2013 6 core

Thanks for any help you can offer

Please, could you double check you are on macOS 10.12, not 10.13?

It is 10.12.6

So today I reinstalled Wavelab 9.5 from the pkg file inside the download folder. Now exchange and save/load channels works in Cubase…

Not sure why, but very glad!

thanks for your time.

This has been broken since cubase 8 if I recall correctly… You’re unable to have instrument channels included in “save selected channels.” Now it’s a combination of track presets, mixer channel presets and export/import track archives… Apparently nobody wanted a simple way to keep settings anymore.

I see, if you try to save Instrument track, it’s not allowed anymore, as outloaf mentioned. It’s because of multi outs.

Martin, I’m thrilled that someone from Steinberg is finally aware of this as I was trying to get this noticed for a few years since cubase 8 but very few people acknowledged. I did notice that if you have multiple outs enabled that you can save all but channel 1.

Same problem for audio tracks, Cubase 9.5 Artists I save a track preset and it doesnt appear in the finder. Even making sure the user content in the location tree has the folders where it was saved. Check the folder from explorer and teh file is there but doenst appear in the finder!.