Load/Save Track Preset behavior in MIxConsole

I am a bit (actually alot) confused for the behavior of this option for track in MixConsole: there is option USING TRACK PRESET that does exactly the same minus option to save, yet the LOAD/SAVE TRACK PRESET instead does not give us the previous old option to actually open OS file select window to point to our own user saved VMX outside the Cubase internal system (at the moment it is “hidden” under one of MixConsole menus at the top, gee!!!).

So I am suggesting this:
Re-make the option USING FROM PRESETS a bit so that you can also save via this option to Cubase internal hierarchy presets + re-make the option LOAD/SAVE TRACK PRESET so that it would have a logic and would act as in old versions of Cubase (v5.5 for example) where it would instead opened OS file select window where one could point to a user location outside the Cubase hierarchy structure folders to save/load vmx file(s) for selected track(s)!!!

Why in the world you have two basically the same options and yet lacking the ability for user selected vmx files under track option is beyond me, really…