Load Song and Copy/Paste Song

Loading a saved song into a Project does not correctly load the Layer and Stack settings.

The correct number of layers are shown but they are unconnected.

Also in Stacks the correct Inserts are loaded but are uneditable (using e) unless you reload the insert by changing it to something else and then back again - of course it now has its default settings.

I was trying to pull a song from one project into another. Cut and paste does not work either for this, either within a Project or between Projects: The Layers and Stacks are copied correctly but the Audio and MIDI tracks, whilst showing, have no content.

Will check. If ports which were used when saving are no longer available, that is of course to be expected. Will test if it works as intented.

There’s no complex routing (yet). Just using the MacBook speakers. Also this was within the same VL session so the ports would not have changed.

CliveJ, I cannot reproduce any of this. Large and complex projects load fine, all Layers inputs and instruments etc are loading as expected; copy/paste, or save/load Song will restore input and instrument just fine. Likewise saving/loading a Stack with insert can open fx with “e” fine too.
It’s not that we don’t beleive you, but we need to figure out a way to reproduce this. Either step-by-step starting with New Project, or a .vlprj file with steps how to make it go wrong. However, prior to that, you may want to check again with version 1.0.40 coming very soon. Thank you!

I’ll wait for 1.0.40 and try again, hopefully it’s fixed already :grinning:

Thanks for looking into it.