Load Track Preset - with Naming selected

Is there a way to Open the Load track preset and have the cursor in the search dialogue ready to type


Unfortunately not. You would need to use a 3rd party application to control the mouse. On Windows AutoHotKey is very popular. Keyboard Maestro on Mac.

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As Martin said.
Note, however, that if your intention is to inject a preset name, then just before doing so, you can try injecting “TAB” some times. In my setup, 3 tabs were needed to focus on the search textField of the openUsingTrackPreset window.


Interesting, I just tried and on my system seven tabs seems to highlight the text Field, I’m going to set up a macro and see if it’s always seven tabs if it is that’s brilliant. Thanks very much. I’ll let you guys know if it’s a consistent thing


Unfortunately in Cubase you cannot use Tab (or any key stroke) as a Macro step. You can fire Cubase commands only.

Most probably you have “Filters” checked, I don’t, this is why I need 3 tabs, while with filters enabled, indeed you need 7-8 tabs, and it depends on the focused area. It should be stable, as long as you don’t add a column for example.

True. However, Martin, I’ve noticed that in the soundBrowser the Navigate->Right actually works, and I use it in my script. Thought it would be useful to mention this :slight_smile:

I should have said set up a macro in MetaGrid - not a Cuabse Macro . will let you all know how that goes Monday

funny I test tried soundbrowers my Nav right key doesn’t do anything on a Mac , nor does the tab key , odd

Checked that the navigate->right command has the “right” key as a shortcut?

Oh, just saw you’re on a Mac! Maybe check the permissions as well for your external utility. @Martin.Jirsak may help here, since I have no experience with Macs unfortunately.

my nav right /left key seems to move the cursor , name / rate /Sub Category …etc can’t make it move the search box

its funny now you have pointed out the soundbrowers window , I really like it seem a great way to search for sounds by category or when you can’t remember the actual file name, maybe better than track presets for this . but now I can’t tab to the search field Are

True, and I’m sorry for the confusion my previous comment caused. It was not a suggestion for focusing the searchTextField, it was a general comment out of this thread’s context :slight_smile:
In order to focus the search field in mediaBay, use the command Media->Search MediaBay (Shift+F5 by default).

For this you’ll need the command Navigate->Toggle Selection. In an implementation of mine, I’m using the Navigate->Right, Navigate->Toggle Selection and Navigate Up/Down. Seems like it’s handling the soundBrowser good enough but not perfectly. You can have a look at the other commands involved in the Navigate and Media groups, there may be some powerful ones there.

Amazing shift F5 is a game changer for me thank you! I now have 7 tabs in Track Preset and shift F5 … nice one mate

one question , is there a way to store a soundbrowers preset so it open with Track Preset as Media type ?

Not sure I understand.
You mean filtering mediaBay just for track presets?

By the way, note that shift+f5 will open the mediaBay not the subgroup soundBrowser.

Yes thats it, so it opens with only Track Presets

I just added Shift F5 to Soundbrowers , to epen wit Search selected