Load VST and 16 tracks from project / preset / ???

In my attempts to create an orchestral template with GPO, it required 20 instances, each with 16 midi slots assigned. That was two or three more than GPO could gracefully handle, so now I’m looking at workarounds.

I can import a group of 16 midi tracks, all assigned to the appropriate channels from another project, but it doesn’t bring the VST plugin with it. There are track presets, but as best I can tell that’s only one track at a time.

The idea of the template was to have everything loaded so I could just create a project and start playing without having to screw around with configuration. Since that had problems, I’m now trying to find a way to load an instance of GPO and 16 tracks pointed to it with one click. Need violins? Click. There’s a GPO instance loaded with all the violin instruments and articulations, and all the tracks pre-mapped.

Does anyone have any clever ideas for such a workaround?


What about to use Instrument Track + 15 MIDI tracks? This you can import from project with the routing.

Thanks, Martin!

I wasn’t having any luck with rack instruments and made the bad assumption that a track instrument would fare the same, but your idea works perfectly.

And because the importing feature is so nice at this point, it’s not that difficult to create a new template with instruments and reuse all the midi tracks that I’ve created. Much appreciated, man.

Hey, Martin.

My first attempt was creating a template using rack vst instances. Even when I turned them off, after 20 instances GPO got squirrely. My next attempt was to just create a template so that I could import the instruments and 16 midi tracks. Your suggestion to use track instruments instead of rack worked perfectly.

However, when it was all said and done, there was a bonus. Unlike rack instruments, disabling the track instruments allows all 20 GPO instances to live in a complete orchestral template. So, instead of my workaround just importing a few from an existing project, I was able to accomplish my original goal of having everything in one template and just enabling the ones I wanted.

Just wanted to offer one more tip of the hat for your help, and also to include the fact that I was able to do the full template in case anyone else bumps into this fighting the same battle. Great stuff, man.