Load Workspace file into project

I’ve had my current Workspace settings embedded in my Cubase Templates for some time now, but I have lots of old projects without this workspace.

I’d like to be able to export a workspace file from one project and load a it into a project.

You could build a Template that is empty except for your Workspaces. Create a new Project using this and then use File/Import/Tracks From Project to pull in all the Tracks from your old Project into this new environment.

That’s what I’m doing currently, I just have so many projects, and I’m not sure which ones are going to resurface or stay buried so I just thought it would be handy to bring my workspaces into projects that don’t have them.

There is Global Workspaces, but then that gets added to everything, throws off the shortcuts, etc, etc. I wish they made Global Workspaces separate from Project Workspaces so they have separate key commands… another option feature request maybe.