Loading 1 hour high def movie in Cubase with my system

I have a job coming in in which I would have to load a 1 hour high def .mov into Cubase and score the project withing the same project. I am running Cubase with a 2007 duo core 32 bit system which can only run 4 G of ram. I think I will need to upgrade to an 8 core 64bit with much ram. Anyone have any input on this?

Aloha m, and +1 on more ram memory. Always.

Check my specs in my sig and you’ll see I only use a four core
but with 16 gigs or ram.

After reading your post I did the following:

1-Took one of my heaviest works (load wise)
which runs about 24 min.

2-Copied it 3 times (total time approx 72 min)

3- Loaded a high def version of Jurassic Park II
which runs about 1:47

4-Started playback.

Cubase played everything just fine.

I could stop/start/move to a new location etc.
No gliches but a tiny delay when starting at a new location.

Keep in mind I did not do any editing etc.
Just playback.

You may not have to go all the way to an 8 core but
IMHO and from what I have read,
when dealing with video stuff,
the faster, the bigger, the more, the better.

Good Luck!

HTH (Hope this helps)

Yes. My Mac Pro is the first Intel model a duo core but alas, only 32 bit which means I can only run with 4Gs of
ram. I appreciate your efforts to answer my post. I met with a friend and film composer last night and he doesn’t think my box will handle this job or any more like it. The last project I edited and mixed with a 80 piece orchestras caused glitches and a few crashes due to the immense amount of Melodyne.

I might be able to run the video smoothly, but when I start adding audio tracks I might be in trouble.

Thanks again.

Loaded in a 1 hour dvd into a project with 18 audio tracks. Everything plays back with out glitches and CPU is okay.

Great to hear!