Loading 9.0 files into 9.5 - noise with 64-bit processing


Just upgraded to 9.5 from 9.0 on Windows 7, the software runs the demo project in 64-bit mode just fine, but if I try to load a 9.0 project and switch it over to 64-bit processing, I get unstoppable noise on four audio channels…


While browsing the forum, I found another thread with symptoms very much like mine, called “64 bit audio recording not working”, by Wickfut. The answer was that the interface’s manufacturer had been contacted.

In case this may help, my interface is an RME Babyface Pro, and both driver and firmware are current.

Thank you,

Benoit Rousseau

One more note: I reloaded the project with 64-bit precision, but bypassed the effects on all affected tracks. The project plays perfectly. However, when I reactivate some of the effects, I get a high level of noise on that channel, and the meter goes to full, and won’t reset after stopping and starting playback.

Here are the list of effects on the problem tracks:

Track 1 (which produced noise in the beginning, and now can work with the effects, I have no idea why):
Vocalizer Pro x64 - Can reactivate, no noise.
StereoEnhancer (in 9.5 VST3 directory) - Can reactivate, no noise.
Compressor (in 9.5 VST3 directory) - Can reactivate, no noise.
T-Racks CS Metering - Can reactivate, no noise

When the noise reappeared on activating StereoDelay on tracks 2 and 3, Track 1’s meters went to full also, and now the track won’t play at all.

Tracks 2 and 3:
Chopper (in 9.5 VST3 directory) - Can reactivate, no noise.
Chorus (in 9.5 VST3 directory) - Can reactivate, no noise.
StereoDelay (in 9.5 VST3 directory) - Noise reappears when activated, disappears when deactivated, but meters for tracks remain stuck at full.

Thank you,

Benoit Rousseau

Could also be the same as the bug I have mentioned?


I find it’s most common when record is enabled.

There is a lot in common between the two problems. Since Record is enabled whenever I select a track (probably something that can be changed in Preferences, tho I prefer it that way), it happens all the time in 64-bit precision mode with my 9.0 project, at least when the plugins I mentioned are active. And once it happens, even if I cut the “offending” plugins, the meters stay pegged at the top, and the tracks won’t play. No problem at all in 32-bit precision mode. And the demo project (originally in 9.5, I would presume) doesn’t show any of these problems.

Differences: the noise doesn’t seem to fade at all. It sounds like a continuous burst of pink noise. My interface’s meters are also pegged near the top. But they do reset once I cut the plugins.

For the moment, I’ve switched back to 32-bit precision mode on that specific project so I can continue working.