Loading A 32 Bit App Replacements


I have a project with Sonik Synth 2 which isn’t 64 bit, so when I open it in Cubase 10, I get this dialog.

IK Multimedia that makes Sonik Synth 2 releases SampleTank which holds the Sonik Synth 2 library in their SampleTank 64 bit plug in.

If I just replace the Sonik Synth 2 plug in it will delete my presets and instruments I had loaded.

Since there’s many presets loaded, and I don’t remember which I used, is there a way to force Cubase to open the Sonik Synth 2 instance as the SampleTank 64 bit, I know when you use a 64 bit plug by the same name Cubase will replace that plug in and all the presets will be restored from the 32 bit plug in session also it does this with new full versions of an app by the same name i.e. Auto Tune 7 to Auto Tune 9 it was a different installation but Cubase will open Auto Tune 7 instance as Auto Tune 9 with all the same presets and settings for that instance.

If this is not possible what other solutions are there? As I really need this instrument to work.

Is there a way to read the Cubase project file and get the info on the instruments / presets used in the Sonik Synth 2 instance.

i.e. is there any code in the cpr file indentifies the instrument used in the vst? I see it doesn’t mention any instrument name so my guess would be a string that I can cross reference with Sonik synth 2 instruments.

Thanks a bunch :smiley:

Following this one. But, I always use the track notepad to document this kind of stuff.

Regards :sunglasses: