Loading a large template?

Is there a way to load a large template, without loading every instrument. Or at least load them as easily as a single click unmute button? I don’t want to go back to setup each time to add them in, but I want then to exist on the write page greyed out and not in memory at all. Not the same as muting as that doesn’t keep them out of memory.

(at least I don’t think muting keeps them out of memory)

No, there’s no simple way to do this: when you load a project, all of the sounds required for that project and provided for by the playback template will be loaded.

Well, I guess I will add that as a request then for possible consideration in an update.

It would be nice once you set up your configuration, to load it back in or out with a single click on the track.

It would also be nice to be able to freeze an entire instrument track, and keep it within the write page as a lossless file (.wav) With that, even the power of ipad might be able to handle a full score project in small bits with lossless files of other instruments frozen, in the background.