loading a "Workspace" changes track hight

I love to use keystrokes for loading workspaces and window layouts - esp when I messed with someting and I want to recall my favorite layout…

But it changes/modifies with my tracks all the time… track hight can change - I am talking about the vertical zoom of individual tracks… in a 200+ track project with a lot of folders this is nasty.

Is there a way to avoid that?

Maybe re-creating the workspace presets in an empty project?
Maybe the track hight information is stored in the presets in some way - and because every project is different this will result in random results…

What’s goin on here ???

This is a mega mess. Renders global workspace completely useless !

No, this is not a feature …
( well, it may make some sense for Project Workspaces )
Is this fixed in .20 ??

Thanks, Jan

Workspaces are quite buggy still. I have a similar problem, whereby mixer widths get wider each time I recall a workspace. I’m simply not using them until this is fixed.

Yep, had some severe crashes, when trying to remove older Project Workspaces !

Sadly, I need them to work.
Especially as you can finally recall Global Workspaces with key commands.
This feature was gone for so many years !

Maybe creating a special empty ‘Global Workspace Setup’ project is a workaround …
( like Brandy suggested )
Have to try that.


Wow, I remember Workspaces.
I remember trying them out for a few days and then having to give up on them.
That was a really, really long time ago. Come on Steinberg, you really need to get
this right once and for all, don’t ya think?

Yes what I did recently:

  • I created a new and completely empty project.
  • I loaded all my workspace presets, one by one.
  • load the first, re-saved it. (it is called “Arbeitsbereich aktualisieren”) in my german setup.
  • second one, re-save etc

It seems to work without issues now. Only “issue” is that the project scrolls to the first track after reloading a workspace. In my current 400 track project I have to re-scroll to my “I am currently working on” area - but I can live with that because I use workspaces mainly to re-set my layout after opening a project (Cubase seems to mess with the layout a little all the time)

Sadly this does not work with my old Project Workspace presets.
There are quite a few, in every project/template, originating from many different Cubase versions.
To delete them I need to activate them … and that’s when the workspace ‘engine’ crashes.
So I’m not able to resave them and also not able to delete them.
At least, I can move my new presets to the top …

P.S.: and yes, an empty project, to setup global workspaces,
does help with the unwanted track hight changes. Still a bit ‘clumsy’ workaround …

Mh sorry to hear that! Regarding c8 I set up everything from scratch. Except key commands. Maybe this helped me to have very few issues only in C8 in which I am working since the initial release. Usually I wait half a year and still then I am cursing all the time :slight_smile:

Starting from scratch each time, would take way too much time and effort.

:mrgreen: Wem sagst Du das !


Did someone notice C8.0.10 crashes when removing many tracks at once?

Yep, happened to me once …
8.0.10 is among the most unstable versions in SX history, here.
Just opening a plugin GUI can render it unresponsive !
Add this hover nonsense, the track name shortening, the track name length not adapting,
no visual feedback, when a plugin GUI is opened, only seeing one value at a time,
the oversized Instrument Rack, etc. etc. etc …

Time to bring some color to Studio One. Hopefully in V3 …


^ ( see subject, above )
What is the official word on this ??

  • A Feature that some VIP user needed for his Project Workspaces
    ( and that can’t easily be disabled for Global Workspaces )
  • A great idea of development, that was not thought through / discussed with daily users
  • A bug

Even more important :
Is a fix on any ToDo list ?

Thanks, Jan

Well I usually do not start from scratch all the time - in the same time I have not very much templates and stuff… the basic setup and my most basic presets took me - lets say - 2 hours…

And I had truckload of projects produced in Nuendo 6.5, opened up in C8, done heavy load mixing and orchestral arrangements in C8 - very very few issues so far… can work for days without a glitch - a recent project eats up about 20 GB of ram… 400 tracks. Yes - it CAN crash - all of a sudden, just inserting a plugin or opening a GUI… I had one or two crashes that way… but that happens to me in all versions!

Viel Glück mit den Workspaces! :slight_smile: