Loading an N5-64 project into N5-32

I’ve been composing in N5.2.2 64-bit, rendering and then mixing in N5.2.2 32-bit. It seems that projects don’t differentiate if they came from 64-bit or 32-bit versions (FR: they should at least warn you before the actual loading starts…). But I tried loading a 64-bit project into Nuendo 32-bit because I absolutely needed one processor that isn’t available in 64-bits (yet…thanks, Waves…).

It warned me that memory was running low and I forced the load-in anyway; this ended up crashing N5-32 with a number of messages about runtime errors, because the project was clearly larger than the max memory possible with this version. I loaded the project back into the 64-bit version, rendered some of the more memory hungry VSTi’s, and then managed to load it in N5-32.

However, I was wondering: do 64-bit VSTi get loaded with their identical 32-bit counterparts when this happens? And do all parameters and automation assignments remain intact? I don’t think N5-32 is loading 64-bit VSTi is it? The 64-bit VST path isn’t even assigned in the 32-bit version. It’s impossible to tell from the VSTi GUIs.