Loading Audio Channel Settings in 7.5

I recently upgraded to 7.5 (and I guess soon to 8, once bugs are ironed out) and I am struggling to find a feature I used frequently in previous versions of Cubase (most recently Cubase 6).

In the past, when I had an audio track with settings that I really liked (e.g., guitar tone that took 4 highly tweaked inserts to get) I saved the settings as a .vmx file. Then in a new project if I wanted to recall that guitar tone all I would have to do is right click the guitar track, select “load channel settings,” and scroll to the correct .vmx file.

Now this function seems to have been revised and my only options are to load track presets. How do I pull up the .vmx files now?

Anyone? This was a feature I used all the time in all previous versions. Should be an easy answer?

This is on Pg. 291 of the CP8 Manual and Pg. 208 of the C7 Manual.

Thank you!