Loading content on every startup : WHY ?

Subject says it all, it takes ages to launch the DAW since I can’t make it skip loading all the factory libraries…
Tries to set the folder again using Lib manager but no luck.

Any idea welcome.


It’s not loading any content, that would require a project that has content to load.
Cubase is scanning different content on startup, that can be slow.
Try running a maintenance on the eLicenser, that usually speeds up the Cubase startup for me.

Thanks but it didn’t work…
Still having this at startup which makes every Cubase launch way too long.

I’ve seen that loading but it’s not doing that on my system anymore.
It was when I installed Cubase 10 and then a few times more maybe.
Don’t ask … I ain’t done nothing!

Hi all

I did have this problem, trouble is, I can’t remember how I solved it. There IS a solution just keep at it.

Best Regards, Dave

I have this too but only for maybe 5 seconds so no real issue. But are you saying you don’t see it at all any more?

For me it lasts around 1 minute, it’s VERY annoying

yes I know what you are talking about. He is referring to the extra content from Steinberg you can buy, it’s like 54 of them and it takes forever to scan thru to check if he has the license. I had the same problem, but I have taken a break from Cubase 10 while waiting for a usable update that actually works with my current projects that I am working on.

Using the library manager you could try moving the entire library to another location.
I can see my library is scattered around in different paths and searching my C drive actually shows doubles.
I don’t know when I have time to look at it, it’s a minor inconvenience as it is like 5 to 10 seconds extra load time, and I’m about to replace the computer anyway.

I moved all the content to another folder but :
1-the problem remains
2- the old folder still has the content, which is totally stupid, it means moving doesn’t free space

Can anyone tell me the size of their “Content” folder please ? Maybe I’m missing files

What are you using for a hard drive? SSD, M.2 or an oldschool Disc Drive? I would highly suggest getting an NVME m.2 drive if you can. It will speed up things for you A LOT. My libraries now load incredibly fast

I solved the problem by uninstalling both Cubase 9.5 and 10, then doing a FULL install of both softwares.
The library count is still visible at startup but takes only a second to reach 54.
Maybe I was missing some library files I don’t know, but in any case now everything is running fine.
Thanks everyone for your help and input

Try https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206618850-Troubleshooting-for-Cubase-Nuendo-and-Sequel-on-Windows#preferences
after you will start and scan again and the second start in my case works fine
It fully solved my problem and its loaded in 12 secs.

Just bought CUBASE 10.5 elements Some content could not be loaded. Either licenses are missing ,or time-limeted licenses have expired:

Retrologue presets
VST3 Presets for Flux
MPE Sounds Retrologue
MPE Sounds Padshop
Padshop Presets
Padshop 2 Presets
Retrologue 2 Presets