loading cubase sx2 files into cubase 6

I have some old sx 2 files which I would like to open in cubase 6. I still have cubase sx 2 which I have re-installed with my pre-syncrosoft licence serial number. when I go to open cubase it tells me no protection device connected. does this mean Im unable to use it? I do remember thats cubase sx3 was available for current user sbut I don’t seem to be able to find that thread- can anyone help?

Here :wink:

One additional tip to this process:
You may find that SX3 may stall or crash on loading. This is more than likely caused by SX3 attempting to read “modern” 3rd party VST Plug-Ins that you have since installed for Cubase 5 or 6.

I don’t know if this is a PC issue…but since I know you are on a Mac, John, do this if SX3 won’t launch:

Go to BootHD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins and create a temporary folder. Call it TempVST or something.
Move the VST folder into it and relaunch SX3.
After you’re done with the conversion process and have quit SX3, move the VST folder back in to the Plug-Ins level. You can leave the temp folder where it is for future SX2 toC6 conversions.

Hi John,

Am I missing something? If you have Cubase 6 already running, you can just open SX2 files the same as any more recent file. Just find the project folder from within Cubase and click on the icon.

Clicking on an old file and expecting Cubase 6 to open doesn’t work though. It tries and then says it can’t load sx2 file

I only need to go via sx3 if I want to get into old 3.7 and 5.1 vst files


(it is also possible you may need to install the latest eLicenser software).



(it is also possible you may need to install the latest eLicenser software).

Absolutely correct, Vic. The Mac SX3 installer loads an old version of eLicenser and this will have to be updated before relaunching C6.

For the Mac: