loading Cubase5 VST into Cubase 7

I kinda got confused here …because i have Cubase 5 x86 & now Cubase 7 x64 running in Windows 8 Pro x64

i have alot of VSTs & there is alot of diversity with VSTi, some install with an .exe installer, some are just a dll “drag&drop” latest VSTi like Native Instruments are x86 & x64 installers

even if you are not running Cubase 7 x64, you need to install both VST x32 & 64 in separate directories

Cubase 5 & my old VSTplugins are installed at …C:\Program Files x86\Steinberg\Cubase 5\VSTPlugins
…now some VSTs install data also in Common files directory… with Cubase 5 i can see in Plugin Information
that it is configured to look into the Common files folder… probably a function set by Native Instruments

Cubase 7 x64 is not configured this way, it is just looking into C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7\VSTPlugins
“regarding x64 plugins i have manually installed”… there is no reference to the Common Files folder

what my dilemma is …i have not manually installed 32 bit VSTs into Cubase 7 x64, as i have done with VSTs 64 bit
:confused: …instead iam configuring Cubase 7 x64 via Plugin Information to look into the Cubase 5 x86 VST folder & Common files folder…

all VSTs load & work fine, but i think Cubase 7 still doesn’t know where to find other needed data …ex Libraries
since they were not manually installed via there installers…

some how i just find configuring Cubase 7 via Plugin Information to look into just C:\Program Files & Program Files x86 is not practical… so the only other solution is manually install every plugin into Cubase 7 x64 :unamused:

thanx John

No, go to devices menu/plug in information on the top of the main project screen.

In the box that appears, you can add selected folders for where ever your plug ins may live, fairly easy, make sure you click the update paths tab etc nn the box before you go out of it.

Some of the 32 bit may not being bridged, but being lucky, you should be ok :slight_smile:

Yeah thats how I have been doing it via Plugin Information …right so it is ok to load VSTs from Cubase 5 VST folder into Cubase 7

I was thinking VST that install via " .exe installer" need to always be manually installed

Thanx for the help :^)