Loading Dorico Pro after upgrade

Just upgraded to 3.5 Pro and I can only load Dorico SE. Probably something simple… as usual. Anybody? TIA
Richard White

are you using a usb licenser or the soft licenser?
did you make sure the license is entered and activated on that licenser?
are you starting dorico while pressing some other keys (such as alt) maybe?

Thanks for that. Using soft licenser (I think). Not sure about activating or even how to do it… Not using any keys while starting. Seems I heard of using various keys to access different versions, though.

If you don’t have a dongle, you are probably using the soft e-licenser. Open the elicenser control center and enter the activation code you received there.
Dorico usually starts with the highest version it can find

Where do I find the activation code?

Try running the E-licenser as an administrator.

No idea how to do that?

Right click on the E-licenser and select “run as administrator.” Then when it opens, make sure it performs a regular maintenance check.

Right clicking anywhere doesn’t do anything.

you should’ve gotten it when upgrading. probably via mail?

What OS are you using? Your profile doesn’t say.

I’m all sorted out, guys. Many thanks to you klafkid and Dan. One wouldn’t think I’ve been using computers for close to 40 years! Go figure…