Loading EZ Drummer

I have EZ Drummer from Toontracks loaded onto my Cubase 6. I think it was added as a VST instrument but I do not know how it was done. Now I have upgraded to Cubase 7 and I need to know how use the drummer with 7. Thanks for your help

EZD is a VSTi plugin, just like others you may have, so it should be available via the Instrument rack or an Instrument track. If it isn’t, then go into Devices > Plugin information and point Cubase to the correct location. Can’t add a lot more here because you haven’t provided computer specs. PC or Mac?

I’ve encountered a glitch with EZ Drummer you might run into, so here’s the fix if you do.

I’m still running a 32 bit Windows environment, so the memory maxes out at 3 gigs for the box. I’ve noticed that Halion SE, in particular, is extremely resource hungry. If I have EZ Drummer and Halion loaded at the same time, bringing up EZ Drummer’s UI results in a white screen within the VST dialog. Simply put, if there’s not enough memory, EZD doesn’t handle it elegantly.

The solution is to run either one or the other. If you get the UI error on EZD, you have to shut down and restart Cubase (without Halion loaded) to get back to normal operations. I’m running the latest patches for EZDrummer and it remains an issue. This one issue aside, I like it very much.

Hope this is useful.