Loading FX Chain issue

When I save an FX chain I can create or choose an existing folder to save it in which is ideal for keeping presets organised, but when I load an FX chain I can’t, and all my saved ones are just in a big list which makes trying to be organised a waste of time.

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

FX Chain preset must be in "C:\Documents\Steinberg\FX Chain Presets

My Documents directory is on a different drive. I can’t find any setting in Cubase for how to get it to point there. (E:\Documents\Steinberg\FX Chain Presets)

I don’t want to move it to C for space and backup reasons, and the fact it will probably break lots of other programs that point to it at E:\

well mine (document folder) is also on other drive and no problem at all ! but did you move it with right clic on your documents folder ? and choose location and after choose on other drive the “documents folder” that you created ?