Loading Halion6 Mixer Insert looses Aero Theme

Recently all the Cubase Menu text disappeared - the menus were still there and would drop down when moused over, but you couldn’t see them. So I shut down Cubase and tried to restart it, but I got the error saying Cubase wouldn’t run without using an Aero Theme (which I was, or so I thought).
Theme error.JPG
Rebooting got my Aero back & I was able verify my suspicions and reproduce the problem. This is what occurs on my Win7 system.

  1. Load and Instrument Track with Halion 6.
  2. In Halion’s Mixer tab select an Insert to load.
  3. On my system this caused all of my monitor screens to go black for a second or two and then come back.
  4. From the plug-in menu select one and load it (I tried both ‘compressor’ and ‘tube compressor’).
  5. Menu text & presumably Aero are gone.