Loading in old Cubase SX1 to SX3 Projects?

Hi all, used to be a regular here back in the day (Samsara username) but defected to Pro Tools around 2006 (boo boooo)

I did do a bit of googling first, but couldn’t find a 100% clear answer so hoping for help here.

I’ve got numerous old Projects saved in either SX1 or SX3 format from the middle of last decade.

Could you advise the cheapest way that I could load them up, just in order to consolidate the audio from bar1 on all tracks & move into PT?

I do still have my SX3 dongle, however my trusty Mac G5 has finally died (after not being switched on for many years), so I guess i’m looking at one of the modern Cubase Variants.

Will the cheapest LE or Elements load the songs up? Not worried about plugins compatibility etc. just want the raw arrangements

Many thanks


If they’re cpr files, yes they’ll load into any of the current versions of Cubase.
I’ve often used SX3 as a converter for even older .ALL files (convert to .CPR in SX3).

The only issues you may encounter will be in numbers of tracks (check on the Steinberg page with versions comparison) and older plugins (I know you said they don’t matter but FYI anyway) which won’t load if they’re 32bit.

The songs and indeed tracks will still load fine you’ll just get error messages when you load them if they have missing plugins.

You can download the Elements trial without a USB licenser, though your old SX USB licenser should work (though it might be a bit slow if it’s the oldest version).

Ah thats brilliant, thanks for the reply. With ‘Elements’, which looks like its limited to 48 tracks. Do you know if it will it load (for instance) a 100 track project & only play back 48 at a time, or will it just load in the first 48 tracks & ignore the rest? If its the former its not an issue.


I seem to recall it loads only the first 48 (this is from using Elements with files created in Pro with more tracks than Elements supports, I assume it’ll be the same with Elements and SX files).

If you upgrade to Elements you will still be able to run SX3 on any machine that supports it so you should be able to move tracks around to get to more than just the first 48 tracks over a few sessions.

Thank you. i’ll give it a go, downloading the trial now. I can’t remember how many tracks SX3 could even handle? was it 64?

Don’t remember, I was still thinking more than 8 was loads more than I could use back then (old tape thinking)!

haha quite. Downloaded trial. Doing the job fine. Thanks for your help

No problem, glad to help, good luck with the conversions.