Loading Instrument Track Preset doesn't remeber Quick Controls

Hi there,

I’m on Cubase 10.0.06 on a Mac and I have an issue that I’d love to resolve with ‘Instrument’ Track Presets and Quick Controls

I open say, a Kontakt instance, and then add a plugin like a filter and apply QCs to it that work nicely with my midi controller. I can now filter the Kontakt with my hardware. I then save the Instrument track as a Track Preset. When I reload it elsewhere the Kontakt instance and plugin load as expected, and I can see the correctly assigned parameter names for the Filter in the QC list but moving then doesn’t work. They seem to disconnect when you load the Track Preset. Everything is there and it LOOKS like it’s going to work but it doesn’t.

I also tried ‘Save FX Chain Preset’ from the Insert’s ‘Preset Management’ in the Inspector. Again on loading a saved preset the Plugin chain loads but Quick Controls are forgotton! Doing the same but with ‘From Track Prest…’ - same issue.

Not so with audio tracks - the QC’s get remembered.

Does anyone have any experience with this? I really want to be able to quickly load a chain of plugins with midi control without having to assign the QCs manually every time!

Many thanks