Loading large projects back-to-back still crashes (poof-style) Cubase.

This has been reported and confirmed by others multiple times over the years, and is still an issue with C10. It never happens on small projects, only large ones. I’ve experienced it on both Windows and Mac over many OS’s and versions of Cubase for probably around 7 or 8 years. Needless to say, it’s a gigantic workflow killer.

Repro: Load up very large projects one after the other (it doesn’t happen on smaller sessions). Sometimes it will crash (poof-style crash) after just switching projects once, sometimes after a few project switches.


Could you attach a crash files, please?

Btw, why do you open several projects at once, if you can import from Project now? Just wonder about the use-case, thanks.

I think the OP means: Start Cubase. Open project 1,. Close but leave Cubase on. Open project 2. Crash.

You need to quit Cubase between projects, then all is fine. As Cubase is such a slow starter, this is a drag.

I have witnessed this myself.

Same here !

Hi Martin,

I’ll attach a few later on tonight.

I go back and forth with different large cues when I’m scoring, as most composers would, so it’s not keeping them open at once but rather opening one after another.

Again, many users have reported this on both Mac and Windows over the years, so I’m dearly hoping it will be remedied or that we can fid out why. Steinberg support has either not answered or told me to trash the preferences, which never fixed the issue over multiple versions of Cubase.

Hi Martin, attached are three crash files to look at. I have no idea how to decipher them. :slight_smile:
C10 Crash 3.crash (275 KB)
C10 Crash 2.crash (192 KB)
C10 Crash 1.crash (439 KB)

Thank you, I reported it to Steinberg. First 2 crashes are the same, plug-ins are involved. The 3rd crash is different.

Great, thank you.

The thing is, any of theses projects will open up completely fine on their own or once I’ve re-booted Cubase. But if I open them while another large project is or was loaded without first re-starting Cubase then the crashes happen, so I’m not sure it can be blamed on a plugin, especially because it’s been happening for so many years through many different plugins and different versions of plugins.

To others who experience this, can you please upload a crash report here of when it happens?

Hi Martin, here are two more crash logs that don’t involve plugins (though again, even the ones that DO involve plugins are totally fine when opened on their own after restarting Cubase).
Cubase 10_2018-12-11-100011_Noahs-Mac-Pro.crash (390 KB)
Cubase 10_2018-12-10-195841_Noahs-Mac-Pro.crash (450 KB)

Same issue. I was creating a big hybrid orchestral template. 64 MIDI tracks(my limit with Elements) routed to 6 rack instruments with somewhere around 50 outputs from the racks. Then 10 instrument tracks with Komplete Kontrol that I hadn’t loaded anything into yet. I loaded a 7th rack using Komplete Kontrol so I could load Play 6 inside it and use the light guide, loaded a custom multi so I could switch one of the Play racks over the KK, then crash to desktop. Attempting to reload the project in any fashion causes a crash while loading. Renaming my Hollywood Brass folder so those don’t load allows it to load, “disabling” HW Strings or Percussion doesn’t alleviate this issue, same for Symphony Series Percussion(Kontakt instrument). Loading a previous version of this project that was prior to adding HW Perc/SS Perc and the KK instances also loads just fine. To me it sounds like both Cubase and HW Brass are to blame. HW Brass seems the be the main cause of the crash, but only when Cubase is loaded with a bunch of other plugins.

Not sure if system specs show in crash dumps, but I’ve got an i7 6700K that’s typically overclocked to 4.7GHz on all cores. I’ve tried lowering the OC to 4.5 and running it at stock clocks as well, no change. 32GB of DDR4 at 2666MHz with XMP enabled, also tried disabling XMP and running them stock, no dice. All of my libraries are loaded on SSDs with the exception of Hollywood Strings(that sucker is 320GB on its own).

I have over a dozen crash dumps related to this issue if more are requested.
Cubase Elements 64bit 2018.12.26 5.35.dmp (1.45 MB)
Cubase Elements 64bit 2018.12.26 5.48.dmp (1.19 MB)