Loading master section preset with RestoreRig cause problems

Hello everyone.

Every time I load a master section preset which has the RestoreRig plugin with one or more additional plugins, I get no audio output.
Using WaveLab Elements 10.30 on Windows 10.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Load any audio file.
  2. Add RestoreRig to slot 1 of master section (assuming everything is empty).
  3. Add any other plugin to slot 2 (EQ or compressor, for example).
  4. Save preset.
  5. Reset master section.
  6. Load saved preset.
    No audio playback here.

Thanks for you report, but I can’t reproduce the problem with the sequence you describe. Maybe you are missing a step?

What is your CPU? The RestoreRig does not work with old AMD cpus.


Thanks PG for your reply. I tested again and, indeed, the sequence I described does not reproduce the bug.

Please try this: After adding RestoreRig to an effect slot (step 2), open it and put its Denoiser module to learn a noise sample (that is, click “Learn” and play a portion of the audio file). Then, follow steps 4-6 (looks like step 3 is not necessary). For me, audio didn’t play anymore after reloading the preset.

My CPU is an Intel Core i7-8550U, 16GB of RAM.

Thanks, this time I can reproduce (not always, but I can).