Loading mix console stalls on frozen instrument tracks

Hi there, I urgently need help!

Recently I reached CPU capacity on a project and started using the freeze function to freeze an instrument track loaded with battery 4 to free up space. The only problem is now when I open the project it shows the “Loading Mix Console” box and stops loading whilst displaying the last output (output 7/8) of battery, where it stops responding. All the other outputs of battery are displayed whilst loading mix console and and pass through fine

I have tried opening earlier backup projects where the tracks are not frozen, and it works fine. As soon as I freeze this output of battery in the new project and close the project, the same thing will happen when I try to reopen this new (previously backup) file.

I’ve opened an even earlier backup and tried unfreezing at the end of a session. This allows me to reopen the session, hence pinpointing is something to do with the freeze function on Battery 4. Unfreezing at the end of each days work is however very inconvenient and its very easy to accidentally quit the project without having unfrozen battery (making it impossible to re-enter the project)

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I literally cant continue on this project until I find a solution…

I am running Cubase 8 4 on a Mac (Sierra). Thanks