Loading Multi Track Settings - some bits not loaded

[I have several solo guitar/vocal projects with identical cpr track structure imported from LE to elements 7. Because I need to substitute for currently available reverb etc then I want to apply the settings for the first rehashed song to all the others. There are 9 [u]audio[/u] tracks: Guitar mic , vocal mic and guitar DI each with 2 duplicated channels for panned reverb etc]

I have managed to save and load multi track settings but have a couple of problems.

    1. When I saved it then looked for it from within the next .cpr then it was absent. I had to go into the media bay and manually add stars to get it to show in the load dialogue.

    1. It loads all the reverbs and compressors but does not seem to be loading Pan or volume info

Is this normal?
Thank you.


Yes, in general, track presets of Audio tracks don’t store the Pan and Volume values.

Thank you Martin
The PDF Manual states that it should take pan and volume for an audio track

; perhaps that’s singly not multi. Unless there’s a setting I haven’t ticked to make it work for multi. :confused:
cubase manual2.png