Loading MultiOut VSTi & CB Chans Quickly . . Preset?

IIs there a way to load a Multi Out VSTi AND the appropriate number of channels (named already would be totally wonderful) in C7?

Should know this - but used Templates. I know about that method.
But recently, more and more I’ve been working from scratch. Really don’t know what direction the work will take so templates aren’t appropriate.

So, for instance, Kontakt.
I can load Kontakt into the rack. Load the correct preset in Kontakt. I already have them configured with the correct number of outs - named and ready to go . . .

But then in Cubase I have to open each output - one at a time, no less (be nice to be able to multi-select).
This can take a minute if you have 25.

Then - to make navigation easy - I have to name each output track in Cubase.

Is there some Track Preset or VST Preset or Preset Preset I or ANY method I could use to speed this operation up?

Any suggestions would be Greatly appreciated!



I’d like to know how to do this also. I’m coming over from Sonar where it’s really simple.

I gave up trying to do this after creating templates, default outputs in Kontakt, and the whole thing to me seems really convoluted.

I just use instrument tracks now. I haven’t found that cpu use is much higher than a comparable number of VSTi’s loaded in the rack.

If I understand correctly it appears that Steinberg will come out with a hybrid rack/instrument system. I’ll post a link when I have time. (there’s a thread here about it.)

Yes. A multi out instrument track would be fine. And you can save a preset for that.
Wonder how that would be implemented . . . it would have to have several mixer channels . . . all the same “track”?

As it stands, it would even speed things up a bit if you could open more outputs on a VSTi with one go - multi-select and hit go. Something other than 1 or all.


According to Helge Vogt rom Steinberg multi out instrument tracks are planned for a coming update.

As I am working with instrument tracks very often I hope this feature will be in the 7.5 update. And I hope it’s free… :mrgreen: