Loading NI Maschine in Cubase 7

Hi, when I load Native Instrument’s Maschine in to Cubase, Maschine starts to act weird and eventually freezes up and Cubase with it? Sometimes when I mouse over certain parts on the Maschine buttons etc. the go black and never come back unless I do something to kind of refresh it some how and then it eventually freezes? I’m not quite sure if it is Maschine causing the issue or is it Cubase?

Help any one!

Mac or Windows? If you’re on Windows and 64 bit Cubase using 32 bit plugins strange UI related stuff can happen.

For me the Maschine plugin has been rock solid in Cubase.

Hello, I’m using win 7 (64 bit) and I thought that the Maschine was running in 64 Bit? I will look at that and see if it is.