Loading old cubase files (.arr & .all)

I found some old Cubase files (.arr & .all) and I am wondering if there is a quick way to import the old Cubase files into C7 or C8?

Or do i need to install an old Cubase (SX maybe?) to convert files? Wich version of Cubase is best to use to transform the files? Can I install older versions of Cubase on my computer with my C7 license?

I searched for this subject but didn’t find anyhting. Please let me know what to do.

You need to install SX3 and use that to convert the files (import them in SX3 and save them as .cpr projects). An option that, unfotunately, is not open for Mac users, since SX3 was PPC only! Steinberg really needs to isse a small convertion utility. It should take long to whip one together.

Get SX3 here:

An option that, unfortunately, is not open for Mac users, since SX3 was PPC only!

Not entirely accurate, Svenne.

If you have a Mac installation of SX3 from this location and this installation of eLicenser* on a bootable hard drive (internal or external) running OSX 10.6.8 on any Mac still capable of booting 10.6.8, you will be able to run SX3. The only precaution you must take is to disable the Plug-Ins folder before launching by temporarily renaming it or moving it to another location. This is because some modern plugin versions will crash SX3 on launch. Other 'n that, it works a charm. I’ve revived dozens of old .ALL, ARR and .PRT files in this manner.

*Installing the older eLicenser over a newer one won’t do any damage, and if you need the newer one again, installing that will simply overwrite the old one.

Yes it it is. I was of cause refering to users of a modern OSX version and Cubase version. I thought it would be obvious to everyone, but I was apparently wrong.

There is no way to run SX3 in OSX 10.9 or 10.10 (which are the requirements for CBP8)! Having a separate drive (or partition) with an outdated system version, just to be able to run SX3 ocationally? Are you serious?

I think that Steinberg should make a simple conversion utility for those of us running Cubase 7 & 8.

Dial it back, Svenne.

Yes it would be lovely if Steinberg provided the import functionality they used to maintain in earlier versions of Cubase, but that ship sailed with the advent of Cubase 4. They haven’t bothered with any user requests to restore the old import options in 9 years. It stands to reason they never will. So you look for alternatives.

I provided a detailed solution, if the OP happens to be on a Mac that can boot from 10.6.8.

And yes, I maintain one drive loaded with 10.6.8 and older versions of Cubase to deal with a backlog of older ideas/demos/unfinished Projects, many of which use plug-ins that no longer run on C8/10.10.2. I need to open those in the older system/Cubase versions to find out what I used and to figure out substitutions for updating the Projects to C8 in Yosemite and…to occasionally run SX3 for some really old .ALL/.ARR stuff. Works a charm, BTW.

Thanks for the help. I am on windows 7 so installing Sx3 is no problem.

Please, tell me if SX3 runs on W7. I have an old clunky PC running XP for this very purpose, but I’ve been thinking of upgrading it.

I just tried SX3 and it worked fine on W7 64bit. However, although the tempo appears to be correct and the project looks fine, nothing seems to line up very well. I’ll have to investigate further and post back in a few days.

Works great too on a mac G4 OS X 10.3.9 and dont bather saving old VST formats in .arr files. SX3 loads songs too :wink: