Loading Older Projects into Cubase 10

I have Cubase projects which are over 20 years old. These were created in an environment where I used outboard hardware for each audio channel.

When I load these projects into Cubase 10 I have to make many changes to each audio channel to configure the output buss, panning, effects, etc.

I would love to have a script whereas I could change all these settings in a given project file. I was told such a thing was not available but I should post this request here.

Gary V

I agree: all these .arr and .all files are a pain to reconfigure in V10

that´s the way it is…
the technology is progressing :bulb:

So: Don´t agree.

Because: you can not expect to open 20 years old songs completely and exactly 1:1 in cubase ! :unamused:

Hint: a good solution was and is to render all vsti´s and hardware to audio tracks. Maybe with effects and without, e.g. etc.
These audio tracks can be opened at any time! on any system! It´s an ideal backup too. :slight_smile: