Loading or converting .fxb files

Alright, I’ve been searching for solutions on this issue for the past 2 hours and can’t figure it out. Maybe it’s so simple that I’m just missing the point but besides that I turn to you, the community, for assistance with this issue.

I have recently gotten three .fxb files from beatport and have no clue on how to open them. I saw some posts about how those file extensions are no longer accepted any longer and need to be converted or something.

So basically, how do I import/load .fxb files? Thank you in advance!

Do you know what they are for exactly??

They will be specific to a particular plug-in…you’ll need to open that plug (or instrument) and I’m pretty sure you can still import an fxb inside of the plug (but not export) though I’m not at DAW to check right now.

The files come from “Sylenth EDM Super Pack”.

I am unsure if it has a specific plug-in for I had assumed that any plug-in such as Halion Sonic would be able to open these types of files.

So they are presets for the VSTi Sylenth.


Ah thank you. Now I understand the whole concept to these files.