Loading preset error in Master Section

Hi @PG1 ,

I have found an error when loading a user preset in master section.
I have added UAD Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor to the first Master Effect slot and selected an existing factory preset:

The preset name appears correctly in the plugin window:

Now I have selected a user preset:

Although button positions were refreshed the name of the plugin remained the same:

Have you experienced this issue yet?

This is a VST-2 plugin, please use a VST-3 plugin, as VST-2 is obsolete.

Universal Audio has very strangely not released VST3 versions yet. I’m not sure what they’re waiting for. They seem more interested in releasing microphones and more interfaces than plugin development these days.

Plugin Alliance offers this same plugin (they’re the ones that coded it), but their native version comes in VST3 format.

I’ve personally migrated to all native versions of UAD plugins possible and there are just a handful of mastering related plugins that are exclusive to UA now. So few that I can probably get by without UAD now.

Hi PG1, Justin_P,

Thanks for your answers. Yes, unfortunately Universal Audio spends limitless efforts to develop LUNA, whereas UAD plugin developments are getting slow down. Moreover there are several function requests like midi control in the Console app or side-chaining in UAD plugins, but Universal Audio not really cares about customers’ requests and dissatisfaction…

Sorry I don’t have a good answer for you. I’ve always found the VST2 preset/banks menu strange and use VST3 whenever I can.

No problem, thanks for your answer.