Loading Project Error

Hi, I am pretty sure this is NOT a C6 problem but I am kinda lost. I had a friend send me some projects. He is on C4. Anyway, when I try to load one of his projects I get a error then I have to close the program. He has several .cpr files with both projects and only 1 would work. I have some older projects that I have had from C4 and they load fine as well as a few from my friend that open. Just wondered if anybody has had problems like this and maybe what “can” cause this to happen. Btw, it locks up at different times as well. Like it might show oh channel then freeze then try to load it right back and it locks up at guitars channel etc. So its not consistent. It locks up at the beginning of the project. It never makes it to where it shows anything… Again C6 has been perfect for me and I doubt it has anything to do with that :wink: Thanks

Try renaming your vstplugins folder temporarily & see if it will load with no plugs.

Hey Grim,
I actually just took my vstplugins folder and dragged it onto my desktop. I thought the same thing but that didn’t work either :slight_smile: My luck!! Thanks for the response