Loading projects from Dorico 4.x in Dorico 5.x

I am starting to work through the demo projects on Dorico 5 First Steps Documentation

When I load either of the demo files, created in Dorico 4.x, into Dorico 5.x, I don’t hear any sound output when playing the file, though the file has been automatically updated to Dorico 5.x

What is the most efficient way to modify the file so that it plays correctly in 5.x?

Once you load the “older” file, save immediately; that will save the updated version on top of the older one.

My best suggestion for then enabling sound would be to use the Play menu to assign or re-assign an appropriate Playback Template.

That usually sets things in order, so that would be my first step to try.

Thanks for the ‘save immediately’ suggestion.

Could you say more about “use the Play menu to assign or re-assign an appropriate Playback Template”?

I’ve figured out a number of work arounds, all of which require a lot of extra steps while still not bringing quite the results I anticipate.

When I create a new project with a piano in 5.x, I see this in the flow’s Track Inspector:
02 HALion Sonic

In the re-saved project, when I use Track Inspector Routing to try and access HALion Sonic, this is all I see:

Just go to Play>Playback Template and choose one of the playback templates, then apply and close. That will load sounds appropriate to all the instruments in your project.

You can experiment with any template to see the differences (though you probably won’t notice any with just a piano score).

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