Loading projects problem after closing down a project

Hi there.
I want to bring in a subject that really frustrates me and hinders my work flows.
I have a pretty solid machine - a lenovo P50,
With a processor of - Intel(R) Core™ i7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.71 GHz
and 32 GB of Ram…

However I find it very often that after loading a project and shutting it down my Cubase is jut stuck…
I have to terminate it by using the task manager or worse - restarting my computer.

Does anybody know of methods of sorting this out?
I work on multiple projects and honestly it is very annoying.

Thanks in advance!

If you’ve used Halion in the project it operates with something called the “protected object server” which you can see in Task Manager (Windows). It takes a while for “protected object server” to clear itself from Task Manager and it can hang up Cubase. I go into Task Manager and wait for it to clear then restart Cubase. For me this only happens when I’ve used Halion. Hope this helps.

Have you started Cubase in safe mode and disable 3rd party plugs? Then see if it shuts down properly.

Also in safe mode, disable preferences.

No i have not, what i try to do is be in the flow of work. Shutting down one project to move to another. I’m just wondering if I’m the only one it happens to

Naturally in pretty much all of my projects have a halion element in them. What I would check is indeed the task manager before closing a project, maybe indeed that has something to do with it

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